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Cloud Turrets & Private Wires

Cloud Private Wires & Dealer boards Solution


Linx-Networks Cloud Private Wire solution enables us to deliver private wires to any trading floor on the same day using our Linx Cloud Technology. Pricing starts at £29.99 per private wire a month (depending on locations) with no installation or setup fee. We can deliver Private wires to our hosted BT turrets solution or via a soft based turret BT Flex Pro, pricing starts at £150 per month. This solution is very attractive for start up trading floors, trading floors that cannot get a E1 delivered to their locations or for mobile users. Linx-Networks also offer this solution for large financial remote sites and DR, our private wire cloud solution is fully redundant in multiple Linx datacentres which means we also offer Y shaping models of our cloud private wires for more critical sites. All of our cloud private wires can be recorded to follow FCA standards.

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Hosted BT Touch Pro & soft Turret with Cloud Private Wires

BT are the front-line technologies for traders and need to be simple to use, highly functional and reliable. Linx-Networks are experts in providing BT dealer boards for financial and critical dispatch centres firms integrating them with IP Telephony and communications systems and via our cloud platform.

As BT Gold Partner Linx-Networks have the capability to provide our customers with a high performance, cost-efficient and scalable solutions that will enable your business to operate at the highest levels of efficiency, scale your trading floor rapidly and leverage the business IT investment on their current systems.

BT Touch Pro 15″ & 10″ Dealer Boards



BT Flex Pro – Soft Trading Turret

The BT Flex Pro Soft Turret Application has all of the rich visualization, workflow and single touch communications of a traditional trading turret now supported on a Windows® 7,8 & 10 (64bits) PC or Tablets.
This enables customers to take advantage of the latest touchscreen technologies and choose the type of form factor and device that works best in their trading environment while also offering users unprecedented flexibility to navigate
among different applications on a single workstation.

BT Flex Pro supports all key trading workflow needs including multiple shared line appearances, high-capacity conferencing, intercom, barge-in, overflow call coverage, audio/video streaming, call history, speed dial directories and voice-recording replay.

The BT Flex Pro application offers the potential for traders to extend productivity beyond the trading floor and because BT Flex runs in the same application environment as our BT Touch Pro turrets, it is fully integrated with other trading applications such as voice recording and enterprise unified communications applications and endpoints.

BT Flex Pro also addresses key business requirements including: rapid site deployment, quickly accommodating new traders, trading system survivability, remote users and flexibility for business expansion.


Here is an example of a BT Flex Pro or Touch Pro GUI

Trading Room Telephony Features

BT turrets provides all the features required by the most demanding users of a dealing system.

supports :
•up to 30 voice channels, with 24 of those being monitored speaker channels
•10 000+ speed-dials (Shorcuts)
•InterCom; Group, turret to turret, turret to IP phone

Turret users benefit from :
•Provision for all MRD and ARD private wires
•Full duplex-conferencing
•Advanced speed-dial management system
•Private wire Hoot & Holler or Hoot & Holler over IP
•Text (SMS)
•Voice recorder, with playback to the turret (select vendors)
•Connectors for many other voice recorders
•Video to the desktop – video/audio streaming
•HD camera to enable video conference (planned 2012)
•Applets designed to improve Trader efficiency

Application Integration

BT turrets are built on extremely powerful and versatile hardware and software architecture. Processing power is delivered via a dedicated powerful processor, providing video capability. A highly proven embedded operating system and 15 or 10-inch touchscreen, offers the institution the foundation for many types of application support.

The following capabilities are available or are scheduled within the development roadmap:
•TV streaming to the turret
•Presence and instant messaging integration
•Click to Dial from Outlook and MS Office Suite
•Enterprise and personnel directory integration
•Outlook contact integration
•Advanced recording integration to the CLI and Trade ID, enabling enhanced compliance operation
•High Definition video conferencing (1to1)


For more information on Cloud Private wires, turrets and voice recording, please contact Linx-Networks on 020 3668 0828

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With our compliance demands increasing it is important for us to choose solutions that not only help us comply with regulations, but save us time by being easy to use and administer. Linx-Networks have delivered a recording solution that meets these criteria and also enables us to add or redeploy channels to meet the changing needs of our business, giving us greater flexibility.”

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