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BT Trading & Verint (Verba) Recorders

The BT TouchPro & Flex Pro (soft turret)  revolutionizes the integration between the trading room and all other environments of unified communications and also matches the styling and ease of use of the most advanced tablets in the market. BT Touch Pro new turret offers a minimal foot print whilst maintaining a 15” screen. Its modern compact design integrates 2 traders’ proof loudspeakers, a microphone and two handsets. The BT Touch Pro will blend with the other screens of the user. A solid, rugged, yet modern design, provides both durability and stability. The dealerboard is adjustable to allow 4 viewing angles. The latest touchscreen technology ensures that the Touch Pro is both a true turret as well as a multi-application tablet. The BT Touch Pro applications such as videoconferencing, web apps or custom apps, click to dial, unified contacts, multi directory access etc. are even simpler to use thanks to zooming and sliding screen features.

Linx-Networks can build fast, responsive and resilient systems on any scale, fully integrating legacy PBX solutions and new IP and SIP based technologies to deliver a completely seamless and effective environment for traders.

Linx-Networks also deliver the same solution in the cloud via or datacentre’s.


BT has an open architecture and standard application programming interface (API) enabling the solution to interoperate with media recording platforms. The company has an interoperability testing and certification program available to any IP media recording vendor (please check with a sales representative for current models and versions supported).

Trading Communications without limits

Get in touch with more than 10.000 professional contacts with the enterprise directory at your fingertips. Communicate with other financial institutions, clients, colleagues or partners seamlessly via private wire, hoots, landline, mobile connections and in all trader communities. The perfect integration of the BT solutions within unified communications networks, eliminates barriers and provides traders with the unique functions they require.

Functional Description

The TouchPro is an integrated turret, based on the BT voice architecture and dedicated components for the highest quality and performance. It combines a classical but very flexible Intel architecture with Windows 7 embedded for integrating applications.

BT Turrets

The BT turret offers all the features you’d associate with traditionally serviced trading rooms, but delivers these via a range of IP-PBX vendors’ solutions. The open standards turret architecture allows IP Turrets to integrate seamlessly with existing environments such as Cisco or Avaya. Crucially, it also allows the middle and back office to collaborate fully with the traders in the front office.

Some of the benefits of an IP based trading system:

  • Highly resilient architecture – makes use of existing industry-standard network infrastructure to deliver quick, easy and cost-effective deployment and management
  • Full integration with the PBX platform – enables traders to make use of full PBX features
  • Space saving – frees a significant amount of data centre space and power for re-deployment
  • Scalability – you can expand the system very easily with minimal increases in rack usage
  • Flexibility – traders can log into any turret at any time and have full access to their screens
  • Versatility – private wires and turret lines can be shared with standard Cisco handsets.
  • Easier to manage – a single telephony platform for the front and back offices and integrated intercom reduces need for patching
  • Fast expansion capability – with a centralised IP architecture, end points can be extended to new offices without the need for additional infrastructure
  • Easy voice recording – single recording solution for front and back office with full call detail recording and search capabilities

Here is an example of a BT Turret GUI

Trading Room Telephony Features

BT turrets provides all the features required by the most demanding users of a dealing system.

supports :

  • up to 30 voice channels, with 24 of those being monitored speaker channels
  • 10 000+ speed-dials (Shorcuts)
  • InterCom; Group, turret to turret, turret to IP phone

Turret users benefit from :

  • Provision for all MRD and ARD private wires
  • Full duplex-conferencing
  • Advanced speed-dial management system
  • Private wire Hoot & Holler or Hoot & Holler over IP
  • Text (SMS)
  • Voice recorder, with playback to the turret (select vendors)
  • Connectors for many other voice recorders
  • Video to the desktop – video/audio streaming
  • HD camera to enable video conference (planned 2012)
  • Applets designed to improve Trader efficiency


The BT solution enables an integrated and simplified architecture.

BT unifies the front and back office communication platform.

The BT approach simplifies the institutions infrastructure, providing a more flexbile platform on which to build the trading environment.

Efficiencies are realised by:

  • using on single point of call processing node
  • using one single (but redundant) voice recording server
  • using one single corporate directory for front and back office
  • eliminating the need for the legacy switch dedicated for front office only
  • connecting all private wires to one single server that can be accessible from all dealer boards
  • using the PBX manufactures clustering characteristics to build a high level of redundancy into the solution
  • the ability to work from a remote office without the need for a local PBX

Below is a typical example of a more traditional TDM trading floor




Here is an example of a BT solution





Application Integration

IP Trade turrets are built on extremely powerful and versatile hardware and software architecture. Processing power is delivered via a dedicated powerful processor, providing video capability. A highly proven embedded operating system and 15 or 10-inch touchscreen, offers the institution the foundation for many types of application support.

The following capabilities are available or are scheduled within the development roadmap:

  • TV streaming to the turret
  • Presence and instant messaging integration
  • Click to Dial from Outlook and MS Office Suite
  • Enterprise and personnel directory integration
  • Outlook contact integration
  • Advanced recording integration to the CLI and Trade ID, enabling enhanced compliance operation
  • High Definition video conferencing (1to1)

For more information on IP Trade trading systems contact Linx-Networks




Advanced Call Recording for BT Trading (IP Trade)

Verint provides highly redundant call recording technology with advanced compliance features and applications. If required, calls can be compressed to a range of formats to optimize storage or can be retained in their original format to assist with speech transcription accuracy. As our licensing is named user-based rather than channel-based, the Verint recording system can capture all your turret streams individually, eliminating the need to mix channels to reduce recording channel licensing costs. Unmixing channels can also dramatically increase speech transcription accuracy as well as making it easier for compliance teams to listen to specific conversations.

A comprehensive and secure repository of millions of calls in the system is searchable via parameters such as trader name, trader ID, speaker labels, dialed and received numbers, time ranges, and more. Deployable on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution, the entire trader voice recording solution supports virtualization, redundancy and multiple sites.

Sophisticated Features for Complex Requirements

Our compliance capture solution is differentiated through the following features:

  • BT Trading Enterprise (IP Trade) supports a high volume of open lines, where traders can quickly switch between these lines – these are all recorded directly through the turrets or via the TPO server in a centralized and cost-effective fashion by storing only a single media stream per open line.
  • The compliance recording system supports central recording and the turrets and/or the TPO server sends audio streams to the recorder.
  • Offers 2N and N+1 recorder high availability configurations.
  • Compatible with trader voice recording data model which provides efficient storage for trader voice conversation.
  • Support for transcoding, voice activity detection and media segmentation for long calls to reduce storage consumption.
  • All types of recording mix layouts are supported.
  • Support for selective recoding for a subset of traders.
  • Support for Verint and non-Verint speech transcription engines.
  • Open access to recorded data for exporting into third party archive and eComms surveillance platforms.
  • A wide range of APIs, and more.

Designed for Global Banking and the Capital Markets

Verint Financial Compliance offers complete support for leading trader voiceunified communicationsmobile, and IP telephony solutions so that you can further reduce costs by using the same platform for communications recording inside the trading room and beyond.

Unified Trading Communications from BT

BT Trading (IP Trade) unifies financial trading communications by combining advanced VoIP and IP software applications with state-of-the-art, proven hardware. Ultra-reliable communications software, deployed in concert with enterprise voice platforms, simplifies trading floor communications by combining advanced telephony, turret, and unified IP and VoIP communications architecture into a single, scalable, and highly flexible solution. Through a user-friendly and customizable touch-screen interface, BT trading turrets provide enhanced security, with a high number of voice channels, speed dial functionality, and group intercom features. The platform is built for reliability and high availability.

BT Trading is a collaboration suite for financial markets, offering customers a powerful set of cost-effective, cloud-compatible services. It gives market professionals the flexibility to interact, collaborate and trade securely – and with greater compliance – via multiple communication channels, across their enterprise and with their clients and counterparts.

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